With a new national lockdown in place from 5th November to 2nd December 2020, gyms have closed down once again!

This can be a frustrating time for a lot of people, especially if you are new to training and rely on classes or a personal trainer to do your workout.

Thankfully not all is lost! I am by no means qualified in the area of personal training but over the years I have probably done enough research to have completed a degree course XD (my personal opinion…)

Anyways, there are hundreds of weird and wonderful variations to do one exercise and a lot of time I feel these just confuse people. I had a friend who was a complete beginner to working out and would be easily distracted away from our routine to (for example) the stepper. Where people like to throw in a side step with a hip flick kick then twirl and he would question why we never did that…

This workout is primarily designed as a variation to a compound workout (using the major muscle groups). It con be done using basic home equipment such as a Barbell, Dumbbells, a Kettle Bell or even Resistance bands (Which I purchased online for less than £10).

I have counted that if you could fit in a workout three times a week starting today (Friday) we could fit in 12 full body workouts by the end of this lockdown (that is why there are numbers 1 to 12 on the left side). Feel free to use this guide as you please, but remember to see your GP if you have not trained in a while or have any underlying health conditions. I am not responsible for the massive gains that will be made 😉

Download the workout here


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