About Togch

The online grappling… Who?

The online grappling community hub (Togch) was the idea of me, Mike.

A [semi-retired] BJJ blue belt training out of Liverpool, UK.

Whilst I was at my peak of training… I got frustrated that, at the time, I could not find a one-stop-shop to find upcoming events and seminars. If I did not follow a certain event organiser on social media I felt like I would only hear about a competition after it had taken place.

For this reason I had the dream of creating an online community where like minded people could upload their own events or even ones they knew were coming up.

Initially created in 2018, Togch has went through many changes to make it the site it is today. My aim is for the website and community to continue to grow over the years.

Togch is not just a website, it is a community!